I have yet to find a good, thorough systematic theology of less than 1,000 pages. (There may be such a creature, but I haven’t come across it yet. If you have, please drop me a line.) Smaller works simply can’t do the job.

A blog post is many orders of magnitude smaller and less formal. Don’t expect too much out of it.

I write a blog to record musings of interest and share them with a wider audience. They are not detailed theological treatises. I do not have the time to craft every line to perfection or back up every claim with a citation. Sorry. This is not a book or even a journal article. Discussion is invited, but please keep these limitations in mind.

My field is systematic theology as it veers off into historical theology, and usually (forgive my boast) I’m pretty dead-on with my statements in that area. If you do have doubts about a historical claim, please try to research it a bit first before challenging it.

I believe the Bible, but I am not a fundamentalist in either the proper or the more common improper sense of the term. I do not use the Bible the same way. I agree with Martin Luther, who said that Christ is the lord and king of Scripture, and Scripture is the manger in which Christ is laid.

Comments here are moderated; I don’t know a blog today that doesn’t moderate. I like discussion and even debate (well, kind of), but not fighting. Disarming Peter, Christ disarmed us all.

Theological questions are welcome and will be answered in a post if possible. All correspondence in bloggable unless requested otherwise.

These days I make a lot of typoos and will frequently edit my posts to fix them, also to obsessively rearrange phrases. If I make a factual edit of significance I’ll note it in some way; otherwise edits are mostly cosmetic.

Talking together on a blog makes us neighbors, and therefore I love you. God bless!

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