Web freebies: November 2013 edition

One of my mottos is, “Cheap is good; free is better.” Thankfully there are tons of free theological resources on the internet; basically anything that’s old enough to be in the public domain someone has scanned or otherwise put into an electronic format and posted. Also, some journals make their content available after a certain amount of time has gone by. Things like that and more.

However, not everything that is free is free forever. Lately I’ve been finding good limited time deals on material that’s normally charged for. It’s too bad I wasn’t blogging last month. SAGE Publications had all of their journals open for the entire month. Normally they’re really pricey, like $20 for a single article. This was a tremendous gift; they have some really good academic journals.

There are two good freebies going on now through the end of the month (or almost). The first offer is access to 14 philosophical and theological journals put out by Maney Publishing. Quite frankly few of these journals interest me all that much, certainly not in comparison to SAGE, but I haven’t gone through all of them yet. Black Theology seems the best of the bunch so far. (This offer is good through November 29.)

Also, Crossway Books is giving away the online edition of the ESV Study Bible. You have to set up an account and give a shipping address, but it unlocks the content for free. The way the promotion is worded, it’s not clear if the content is available for free only through the 30th or if that is just the deadline for signing up for it. My impression is the latter.


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